Island Bali is located 8 to 9 degrees south of the equator and has a tropical climate without high humidity. A cooling breeze that often springs up of an evening makes a brilliant tropical day seem perfect. In Karangasem, where our resort is located is the wet season from December till February.

In wet seasons are heavy showers to expect but the temperatures stay comfortable.
From March to November dominates constant climate and a minimum of showers.
Average temperatures in coastal regions over day – ca. 30°C (86°F), overnight – ca. 25°C (77°F)
Average temperatures in mountainous area over day - 20°C (68°F) - 30 °C (86°F), overnight 18°C (64°F) - 22°C (72°F)
Sea temperature is ca. 28 °C - constant to 60 meters.
By diving on other islands you can find colder streams. In that case inform yourself in diving center.