You don’t need any special vaccination or prophylaxis for going to Bali. Most of the problems that travelers experience came mostly from underestimate the local climate: overheating, dehydration, sunburn or accident. Sensitive persons should be careful by manipulation with air-conditioning in Indonesian as at home holds rule: difference between temperature outside and inside (room, car) should never be higher than 6°C. Using of repellent is recommended as the mosquito bite can in hot climate swell up and heals longer. Basic help with minor inconveniences you can ask in most hotels on reception. In reception they can also contact local medical help. State hospital is in Denpasar but we recommend contacting private clinics for better care standard. Cash payment for usual medical services is required so retain all receipts for insurance claims. More complicated cases are cleared directly between hospital and insurance agency. We recommend always having current travel insurance for traveling to Bali. More info on