Money in Bali

Bali, being part of Indonesia, uses the Indonesian currency, the Rupiah (abbreviated, Rp.) as its monetary unit. Exchange rates are not stable. Ca. they are about 100,- USD/ 1 000 000,- Rp and 100,- EURO/ 14 000 000,- Rp. Presently doesn’t matter which of these two currencies you take. Orientation help is 10 000,- Rp is ca.20,-CZK Changing offices at airport have mostly inconvenient changing rates, it is better to wait and on the way from airport we will take to a changing office with better rates. Cashomats are in every bigger town. Relax Bali presently takes only cash payments / also in USD, or EURO/ in change rates from internet. Be careful as the 10 000,- Rp banknote and 100 000,- Rp banknote are very similar. If you want to give baksheesh it should be about 1USD for a small help. Some restaurant charge automatically 10% service fee. For more information write us on , we are happy to help you.