SPA und Jakuzzi

Bali gehört zu den Orten, an denen die Pflege um den Geist und Körper ein Bestandteil der Kultur und Religion geworden ist. Dies hat zur Entwicklung der traditionellen Massagen beigetragen. Relax Bali bietet Ihnen verschiedene Prozeduren an. Außer Massagen verwöhnen wir Sie gerne mit Maniküre und Pediküre. Zum Areal gehört auch ein Whirlpool mit Blick auf das Meer. Mit einem Glas Sekt werden Sie sich hier sicherlich sehr entspannt fühlen. Erfahrenes Personal kümmert sich um Ihr Wohlergehen.

1. BALINESE TRADITIONAL MASSAGE                          55 minutes                  356 IDR

           Complete relaxation of your body and mind. 60 minutes of pampering your body with traditional massage as the aromatherapy oil calms your mind and get you to relaxation. Start with soothing footbath with sea salt and flower and continue with body massage. You are free to choose your aromatherapy fragrance.


2. BODY SCRUB                                                             55 minutes                  356 IDR

           Maintaining beautiful and healthy skin is important during holiday. Traditional body scrub techniques have been secret for centuries of Asian kings and princesses. Feed your skin with all from nature and feel the fresher you. Begin with the footbath in sea salt and flower and end with relaxation in warm water shower and natural body butter. Choose of your preference scrub and fragrance.


3. BODY WRAP                                                              55 minutes                  356 IDR

           An ancient Balinese treatment of getting healthy and better skin with all from nature, removes fats and unhealthy material in your body through sweats. Begin with footbath, and continue with body masking, wrapping with banana leaves and peeling with cucumber, end with shower and body lotion. 


4. HAIR TREATMENT                                                     45 minutes                  281 IDR

           Reduces bad effects of sun and sea from your hair and get the benefit of scalp massage for your beautiful hair. Begins with hair wash, continue with hair cream bath and scalp and neck massage and end with hair wash and blow dry.   


5. BODY TREATMENT                                                    110 minutes                494 IDR

           Experience difference islands of Indonesia by finding way of pampering your body and relaxing your mind through exotic all nature body treatment secret from Bali, Java or Sumatra. Begins with footbath, massage and body masking; Balinese spices mask Boreh, Javanese yellow mask Lulur or Sumatran white mask Bengkoang. Follows by peeling, cleansing & relaxing; shower and Jacuzzi and ends with moisturizing body butter.  


6. HOT STONE MASSAGE             90 minutes                    406 IDR

           Recharged your energy with the hot basalt stones, evaporate bad material in your body and warm up tight muscles for better and deeper tension release massage. Treatment begins with footbath, Balinese massage and hot stones treatment.  


7. FEET AND LEGS MASSAGE      30 minutes                   169 IDR  

           30 minutes massage ideally to remove tension and sores of your legs and feet from day trip and leaves you ready for your next adventure. 


8. FACIAL                                                                        45 minutes      356 IDR            

           Thoroughly cleaning and stimulate your face skin to keep glowing in your holiday. Begins with cold towel, follows by cleaning, peeling and soothing, massage and masking. End by cleaning and cream. 


9. MANICURE                                                                 30 minutes      206 IDR              

             Treatment for your hands and nails of cleaning, massage, nail cutting and cuticle treatment and buffing.

-       With nail polish:                             35 IDR     

-       With flowery polish (extra 30 min):   75 IDR


10. PEDICURE                                                                40 minutes        281 IDR           

           Treatment for your feet and toe-nails of cleaning, massage, nail cutting and cuticle treatment and buffing.


11. SUNBURN THERAPY                                    55 minutes            406 IDR     

A special treatment for your sensitive skin after a long sun exposure. From natural ingredient, cooling and soothing your skin and helps it back to the normal feeling only with better toning. Begin with footbath follow with cucumber/aloe masking and cold towel treatment and end with shower and moisturizing.


12. JACUZZI                                                                   60 minutes           

           Enjoy relaxing bath in sea view Jacuzzi alone or with maximum 4 persons of your dear ones. You may choose drinks to accompany your relaxing time:

·      With ginger tea                                      356 IDR      

·      With a bottle of sparkling wine              919 IDR


                                                              SPECIAL MASSAGE


13. REFLEXOLOGY                                                                                       55 minutes                    356 IDR    

             A massage technique by applying pressure to the feet with specific thumbs, fingers and hand. It is believed as an alternative medicine.


14. LOVE & FRIENDS PACKAGE   120 minutes                       919 IDR

             Special package present for honeymooners, loving couples, family members and friends. Enjoy an hour of full relaxation with Balinese massage and add another hour among bubbles of Jacuzzi.


15. BUNGALOW PACKAG                                                                                                                1 800  IDR

             A package for massage and treatment lovers. Get 6 hrs (6 x 55 minutes) of any massage and treatment for price of 5 hrs (5 x 55 minutes). You may have all massages by yourself or share it with your room partner or friends.